EDUMECENTRO: a new stage of work based on the quality of medical teaching


EDUMECENTRO: a new stage of work based on the quality of medical teaching

EDUMECENTRO: una nueva etapa de trabajo en función de la calidad de la docencia médica



Paz Maritza Franco Pérez1*


Villa Clara University of Medical Sciences. Cuba.


* Author for correspondence. Email:



Submitted: November, 18 2019
Accepted: November, 25 2019

EDUMECENTRO magazine begins the year 2020, engaged in a new stage of work consisting in the improvement of both its content and the editorial process after having successfully completed its first ten years.

Being a magazine specialized in topics related to the results of the pedagogical research work of educators in health sciences, its contribution to medical education has been very useful for the development and improvement of the teaching-learning process in Cuban universities and different parts of the world, since authors from Cuba and other countries publish the results of their research. It is the second that has this profile in Cuba, after the prestigious magazine Higher Medical Education belonging to Havana University of Medical Sciences.(1)

EDUMECENTRO currently uses the policy of open access to scientific publication, it´s indexed in DOAJ and other platforms that allow increasing the visibility of the contributions of those who publish in it.

Among the contributions made in this decade, it is worth mentioning the adequate training and preparation of teachers in the so-called special didactics of medical sciences, indistinctly tackled in its pages.(2) Regarding this subject, other topics have been present such as:


1. Methodological work.
2. Professionalism of the university professor.
3. Preparation of the professor of medical sciences.


These have been fundamental issues that constitute a key factor for the success of teaching management and the achievement of a comprehensive university professor, with professionalism and adequate scientific-methodological preparation.(3)

Regarding the editorial process, taking into account the advances in information and communications technologies and the speed in which knowledge is obsolete at present, we have set ourselves the objective in this new stage that begins to improve the work of arbitration, the scientific writing of the authors and the whole editorial process based on the journal's work platform.

Our commitment is to work with increasing quality in order to meet the needs of health professionals directly or indirectly linked to medical teaching to achieve better teaching processes; It constitutes a key factor for the quality of the academic processes of the university and the achievement of graduates of excellence, increasingly with greater scientific and human quality.



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