Estrategia didáctica para fortalecer la cultura general integral a través del Inglés con Propósitos Específicos

Daimy Delgado Ávila, Adolfo Quintana González, Maribel Díaz Riesgo

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In the University Site of San Cristobal in Pinar del Rio province, it was carried out a research work with the objective to elaborate a didactic strategy for the formation of the integral general culture, through the learning of english for specific purposes. The sample was composed by the fourth year students of the Medicine career. Theoretical, empirical and statistical methods were used to get information and the outcomes about the topic of study. Through the implementation of the strategy it was created a web site to interrelate the contents of the current syllabus “English Through Medicine I” with different personalities of arts such as painters, musicians and universal, cuban and local history personalities who suffered from or died due to these illnesses. With its use the students enreached their integral general culture and also developed the four macro skills of the language as well as the use of english for specific purposes.

Palabras clave

Integral general culture; English for Specific Purposes; didactic strategy.

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